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Lease used Prius

Do you want to Lease a used Prius ?  We can now arrange limited leasing of 2004 to 2009 Prius models to people who are looking for an inexpensive mode of transportation.  If you need reliable transportation to get back and forth to work this program is designed for you.  You pay for insurance, gas and a $250 – $350 lease payment-  we cover the rest to keep you on the road (Tires, brakes and other wear items).  If this new way to have transportation appeals to you and you can afford the  payment, give us a call and talk to Randy.

If you want to simplify your life and not have a car breakdown ruin your week, then to Lease a used Prius might be for you.

We challenge you to sit down and add up the costs of keeping your current vehicle and compare to the benefits if you lease a used Prius.  Our goal is to provide a basic, reliable car to you at a significantly reduced cost over what you are currently spending.  If your car is part of your social image this program is probably not for you.  If you understand how expensive a car is in today’s world, and you want to bring that cost down and control it, then we need to talk.  Our goal is to revolutionize transportation for a select few.  Thanks !

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Don’t forget that if you own a Prius we are your Dealer Alternative for Prius repairs and service.  We can save you money on an oil change, battery service, battery replacement, tires, brakes and anything else your Prius might need.  Our goal is to keep your Prius in great condition to give you the benefits of one of the greatest cars ever built.  Come in today for a free inspection.

lease used Prius
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