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Prius battery service

If your battery is more than 7 years old you should have it tested!  Independent tests show the ProlongPro Battery Maintenance can significantly extend the life of your battery.  Click here to get more information

Does your dash have the “Triangle of death” light on?  Has your MPG decreased in the past few months?  These are just some of the indicators that your Hybrid battery could be failing.

A Hybrid battery service requires proper tools and training.  The voltage present with a fully charged  battery can easily cause severe bodily injury so do not attempt any service unless you are properly trained.

Our ASE certified technicians can perform the necessary procedures to make certain your battery performs as intended.  Come in and let us do a diagnosis on your battery!

A Prius battery service requires an inspection of the multiple cells that make up each battery.  When a single cell fails, your battery performance will diminish significantly.  Reconditioning of Hybrid batteries will often require the replacement of failing cells to restore the performance of the entire battery

Prius battery service

Your Prius battery is located under the rear seat of your car.  If your battery is over 7 years old it can begin to fail.  Your choices at that time are to replace the battery with a reconditioned battery – a cost of approximately $1,000 to $1,500 depending on make and model – or purchase a new battery at a cost of up to $4,000.  Reconditioned  batteries often have a 1 year warranty and a new battery will usually have a 2 year warranty.

Go to Wiki to learn more about the Prius Hybrid.  Or look at our resource page

Congratulations on owning what we consider to be the best overall car on the road!

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