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Prius transmission service

Prius transmission service

Let there be no doubt that the best way to protect yourself from an expensive replacement is proper transmission service at the recommended intervals.  Our Prius transmission service includes drain and refill transmission to it’s proper level with original equipment or equivalent fluid.

The best part is we charge $200 for this service and the local Dealer will charge $350 for the same service

Prius transmission replacement – save half over Dealer pricing !

2004-2009 Prius transmissions often fail somewhere between 150-250,000 miles.  The most common indication is a warning light or trouble code P0AA6 (no other symptoms), but there are also broken chains, failed bearings, bad MG1s (trouble code P0A7A and P0A92), seized planetaries, and the list goes on.


As of July 2018 we are able to find used Gen 2 Prius transmissions with low mileage at a reasonable price ($800).  We extend a two year 24,000 mile warranty with our work.

Labor: $1,400
Transmission (Used Unit): $800
Additional Parts (seals, axle nuts, fluids): $90.00:

Total parts and labor: $2290.00

Most Dealer costs for the above are $5,800+

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prius transmissoin repair
Prius fuel injector sleaning

Prius Engine Fuel Injector Cleaning service

Again, the best way to protect yourself from poor performance such as fuel economy and other issues is a proper engine fuel injector cleaning service at the recommended intervals.

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